June 18, 2018

Find Out What Our Storage Services In Winchester Can Offer You

It doesn’t take much to fill our homes with possessions and goods. We’re always adding to our homes with new appliances and furniture that begins to fill our garages and lofts effortlessly. If you don’t want to get rid of these things but need to find a safe and secure place to have them stored, check out our storage services in Winchester.

At RDK Removals we’ve become an important service for a number of individuals, families, homeowners and business owners on the South Coast. To ensure you get a service that you can trust, we have two storage options which could be ideal for the amount of stuff you’d like to store.

Here are the two options we have open to you:

  • Wooden storage containers: Padlocked and secure, you’ll be able to cram everything you need into our wooden storage containers. Once you’ve finished putting your possessions in the wooden crate, our team will visit your property to take it away to our warehouse storage centre.
  • Steel containers: A great way to come back and forth for your possessions, our steel containers are big, dry and secured in our warehouse all year round.

To discover more about our price for how long you’d like to take advantages of our storage services in Winchester, get in contact with us.